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Just started up your business and looking to install a security system right away?

We have years of experience providing security solutions to offices, shop fronts, warehouses and more.

CCTV, or closed circuit television, is now a popular system used by many Australian businesses. It allows you to monitor all activities within your business where you can’t keep an eye on it all the time. Whether you’re at the back of your office or at home, CCTV security systems give you peace of mind your business is being monitored.

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We offer all customers a free, no-obligation installation quote today! Just contact us by phone and we’ll have one of our staff come out and speak to you about your requirements.

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Samples of CCTV systems we commonly install for businesses.

Hik kit


Safeguard your business around the clock with a CCTV System.

Benefits of CCTV surveillance for businesses

  • CCTV acts as a deterrent to potential intruders or unsavoury work staff
  • Protect your business against theft and vandalism
  • Deter against OH&S risk areas and claims
  • Protect and monitor your staff’s activities

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CCTV iPhone App – Comes with every package

The following image gallery shows screen shots of the iPhone DVR viewer app that is included for free for with each of our video surveillance recorders from Smarter Security.

Download the app

CCTV Android App – Comes with every package

The following image gallery shows screen shots of the Android DVR viewer app that is included for free for with the video surveillance recorders from Smarter Security. Please click on any image to see a larger view of this home surveillance system monitored from an Android cell phone.


Download the app

Top Reasons Businesses May Need CCTV

1. Careful placement of cameras will help to record any accidents, acts of mindless vandalism or burglaries. The information can help the policy to identify the perpetrators.

2. Your insurance company may discount your insurance premiums if you install approved CCTV equipment.

3. Clearly visible CCTV installations helps to deter break-ins by opportunist thieves.

4. Remote monitoring means you can view things happening at your workplace when you are out and about.

5. Can be integrated with other systems including security and fire hazard warning systems.

6. A CCTV installation can be used in areas where it is unsafe for people to enter, for example chemical plants.

7. Low cost enhanced security and health and safety.