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Brisbane’s CCTV & Alarm System Installer.

Take a moment to think what it would feel like if your home was burgled tomorrow and you had the chance to protect it. You’d be surprise that by simply updating your current alarm system or even installing an affordable alarm system will scare off potential intruders. At Alarmtech Security, we have worked with hundreds of families across Brisbane, whether you’re new to cctv, alarm or intercom security or quite familiar with the types of systems already, we can help you make sure you have the best alarm and camera system suited to your home and budget.

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The scourge of metropolitan areas

There is absolutely no chance of totally eliminating burglary from the face of the world. Let’s face it, thievery is here to stay and it’s more than likely we will have to just take it in our stride but at Alarmtech Security, we are convinced that technological innovation and determination can make it difficult for thieves to have it all their own way. It is the very reason why our shelves are stacked deep with the most effective dampeners for foiling burglars. It is also the reason why we freely invite you to come and make a tour of our truly magnificent security products. We’ve been at it for 10 years and we know the tricks of the trade.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Choose Alarmtech Security:

The connoisseur of security

At Alarmtech Security, we are true experts on the subject of security and we prove it simply by being the experts that we are in doing what we are supposed to be doing as evidenced by the list below:

  • We have logged 10 years of experience in the installation, supply and maintenance of home security systems to home and business premises in Brisbane.
  • Our security systems are fully certified and comprise CCTV system, every kind of alarm system and many other security gadgetry products.
  • The staff members in our employ are totally professional and are capable of producing the absolute best for our clients.
  • The security system solutions that we offer are highly efficient and cost effective that have shown success in foiling the clandestine activities of robbers everywhere in Brisbane.
  • Our professional staff are always courteous and friendly and are adept at giving expert assistance to the company’s clients.
  • We have an intimate knowledge of the main risk prone areas in the city and the suburbs where the incidence of burglaries is very high.
  • The company ensures that there is continuous monitoring, appraisals and feedbacks to make sure that customer homes and business premises are always protected with the best security solutions that we can offer.


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